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"After a loved one passed, Erin was contacted to facilitate the tedious task of cleaning, organizing, moving and removing items from our family home, not only was she amazing to work with but her attention to our specific needs and ability to handle it was second to none, I recommend her and her company to anyone looking for her broad spectrum of professional services."

-Alan A.

"Erin cleaned out and organized both my garage and my unfinished basement. I ended up being able to use my garage for my car again, and can now easily find what I need in my basement, which has twice the open space it had before she started!"

-Mary D.

"This girl!!!! Expensive, but she was a godsend. Worth every penny. It wouldn't have happened without her!"

-Robin K

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"Erin reorganized our basement. She did a great job, consulting us when necessary and completing on schedule. Next up, the attic! Highly recommend her as an assistant. You won’t be disappointed!"

-Laurie M

"Erin is my sister and so I’m innately biased, but she has tremendous qualities that you will most certainly benefit from. Erin is energetic and polite. While this may sound silly, working with someone pleasant is not to be undervalued! Erin is responsive, and she takes responsibility for herself. Erin takes pride in her work and enjoys what she does. Erin has a unique background in agricultural science and communications, has provided a gamut of support for her clients over the years thereby growing the bounds of her services. Erin’s background and experience as a seasoned professional gives her a breadth of skills to draw upon for the various projects/needs you may have. You will be in great hands!"

-Rob R 

I've had the pleasure of working directly with Erin in multiple settings. She has proven herself beyond capable of managing large projects, interacting with clients in a pleasant manner and exceeding professional expectations.

Erin's handling of my pets is beyond excellent. With a calm demeanor, she's able to build meaningful relationships and reinforce good behavior with many different animals.

When assisting clients in their moving, Erin proved her organizational skills by ensuring all items were packed properly and then closely managing the unpacking as well. Her attention to detail made the process painless.

Whether you are looking for someone to help with errands, manage a project, or a variety of other tasks; Erin is an exceptional assistant! 

-Collin S

"I needed to do a big clear out and tidy up of my house before starting some home improvements. Erin was quick to make a plan and helped me get the job done in a fraction of the time. She also made an uninspiring task a lot of fun with her upbeat personality and motivational approach. Thank you!"

-Helen M